How do I integrate mailgun with my Exchange 2016 Server?

How do I integrate mailgun with my Exchange 2016 Server?

My mailgun setup is complete and verified. Just need to get my Exchange mail to pass through mailgun.
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Tom CieslikIT EngineerCommented:
If your server is a CAS server then there is no simple way to automatically forward incoming email to different server.
You can create rule on each mailbox and forward email to outside using let say contacts but you must create that many contacts as many users you have and create rule under each mailbox but email address on other server (maligun) needs to be different from your local email address on Exchange.
Or you need to use some 3rd party tool to grab email from Exchange, I remember GFI software has some SMTP connector to grab emails from Exchange or other SMTP and put if in different server but it was long time ago.
Automatic forward is not possible and my question is why you want to do it ? If you want all emails go to maligun just change MX record in your DNS and point it to maligun.
David FavorLinux/LXD/WordPress/Hosting SavantCommented:
This depends on how each user in your enterprise sends email.

Easy way will likely be to setup an MailGun SMTP credential for each user + then configure each user's mail client to use their respective credential.

This provides a way to track exactly who's sending what. This is essential when any client machines are running Windows, so can be hacked at any moment + start blasting spam + then MailGun will block all email flowing from your domain.

In the above approach, you'd simply setup each client's outbound SMTP configuration to use the new MailGun setup.

This is how all my clients are currently using Outlook + MailGun. This way, when one Windows machine gets hacked + starts spewing spam, the one SMTP credential password, of the offending user, can be changed + all spam spew ceases instantly. At this point, a ticket can be opened with MailGun explaining how problem was fixed + they'll start passing mail from your domain again.
sf1eldsAuthor Commented:
I used

This solved my problem 100%. Easy to implant as well.

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David FavorLinux/LXD/WordPress/Hosting SavantCommented: seems similar to MailGun.

Two primary differences stand out.

1) MailGun allows you to send 10,000 email free each month. AuthSMTP charges $176.00 for first 10,000 email each month.

2) MailGun likely allows far better per message debugging, when problems arise. AuthSMTP isn't really clear what type of per message debugging they provide.

Be sure to keep MailGun on your list of services to test for low volume sites or sites with low ROI, where free email is useful.
sf1eldsAuthor Commented:
It worked better for me.
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