How can I expand a volume to make use of unallocated space on an SSD?

I migrated an SSD to a larger SSD using Macrium Reflect.   Now there is a large amount of unallocated space on the larger SSD.   How can I expand the C volume to use this space?
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David FavorLinux/LXD/WordPress/Hosting SavantCommented:
Macrium Reflect images disks. Using this product does a bitwise copy, rather than filesystem copy.

So if you start with a 500GB drive + copy to a 1TB drive, you'll lose 500GB on your target drive.

Better to use a filesystem copy.

Questions about how to fix this depend on many factors, which determine how you might edit your partition table to fix this.

Incorrect editing of your partition table or using the wrong partition table editor (mismatch with your exact Windows version), will destroy all your data.

Simple guideline... If you have to ask how to edit your partition table (in other words, you don't do this regularly), then best to avoid using bitwise copy utilities.

I suggest you just reformat your disk (as you must now rewrite your partition table to use all your disk. This will destroy your data. Then do a filesystem copy of your data to your new disk.
Tom CieslikIT EngineerCommented:
There is a very good Tool Called Easeus Partition Master, you can simply do whatever you want with your partition
Seth SimmonsSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
don't need 3rd party tools
open elevated command prompt and type diskpart
type list volume and look for C
if, for example, C is volume 1, then type select volume 1
type extend
C should now be extended to use the rest of the free space
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DoctorK12008Author Commented:
"There is not enough usable space on specified disk(s) to extend the volume"
Seth SimmonsSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
can you post a screenshot of disk management?
normally you can expand it from disk manager - if the free space follows your partition
if not, you'll need a 3rd partuy tool, like Bootit-BM to move the partitions to the end of disk, so the space moves next to the C: partition
if you want more info on this - just say s o
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Give us the screenshot of you windows disk management.
DoctorK12008Author Commented:
I am attaching a screenshot of disk management.

I downloaded Bootit-BM and tried to run Image, but I got a message that it would not run on this PC (Windows 10 Professional 64-bit).
next time - plse attach a screenshot - NOT a doc file -it's barely readable
you don't need to run IMAGE - i asked you to say something if you wanted to use it
here's how :
do NOT install it on your pc - hit cancel
then select partition work
then select the recovery partition - and slide it to END of disk
then you'll be able to resize your partition
DoctorK12008Author Commented:
What file format do you want for a screenshot?   Where is "partition work"?   Please clarify.
Nick JamesonIT AdminCommented:
You can not extend your second partition (C:\) until there's another partition between it and free space.
You need to use bootable media with partition manager, move the unknown partition in 1000 Mb to the right, apply it and then you'll be able to use free space.
It's possible throuth the partition manager in boot mode (merge) or as Seth Simmons mentioned above (using diskpart in windows, after you'll finish the movement of the 1000 mb partition in boot mode)

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>>  What file format do you want for a screenshot?   <<  it seems you don't know a screenshot - it's usually jpg
just use the windows snipping tool, found in accessories
more info :
i Always have one in my task bar, or on the desktop, for easy access
DoctorK12008Author Commented:
Thank you, that was most helpful.
Tom CieslikIT EngineerCommented:
It's not true !!!
Easeus Partition Master, can do all using few mouse moves
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