Memory fault - or just look-alike?

When I shot down my computer (or restart) I always get this error message:
Screenshotand the address is the same.

1) Can I rest assure that there IS a faulty memory card?
    IF SO: Is there any smart way to find out which of the 4, or is it just to take out on-at-the-time and see what happens.

2) Can it be something else that just LOOKS like a hard error?

Thanx for helping.
Knud, Denmark
Knud FjeldstedManagerAsked:
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dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?  Illegitimi non carborundum.Commented:
I usually find these types of errors are caused either by faulty memory of a malware infection.

If it is faulty memory then sometimes opening up the computer, removing the memory sticks, blowing out the memory slots, blowing any dust off the memory sticks, wiping the edges of the memory sticks and then reinserting them cures the problem.  Also remove any dust that might be in the box with the computer open.  Use a vacuum with a plastic nozzle.

Removing them one at a time and running the machine is a nice easy way.  Try removing them in pairs rather than one at a time.  With one pair out does it fault?  If not test the other pair.

Do a good malware scan.  The free version of MalwareBytes  is recommended for this purpose.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Find memtest86.exe and run several passes to acquit or convict the memory. It can be as dbrunton says or from a program that cannot end properly
RaminTechnical AdvisorCommented:
In addition to the above and if you still had that issue after scanning your PC and memory check you can try to Repair Outlook from control panel >> programs and Features and check if that can fix the issue or try to Uninstall and Reinstall Office.

Repair Office:

Also try with new user profile and test.

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Tom CieslikIT EngineerCommented:
It looks like Outlook error but it will not be too much trouble to check memory

You can use free Memory Test tool

You can generate Boot CD or Boot USB and test all memory banks.
Mal OsborneAlpha GeekCommented:
Almost certainly NON a hardware fault. You probably have some poorly writing add-in in Outlook.
if that system is running windows 7, i would suggest running sfc or a repair install first :            REPAIR         SFC

you can also do a system restore to a date before it started - if recent

btw - i use memtest86+ for testing ram
Tom CieslikIT EngineerCommented:
Try to open Outlook in SAFE MODE to check if you'll get same problem.

Start / Run or Search in W7,10 type  Outlook.exe /safe
Hit enter.

If Outlook will run with no problems, then go to Add-Ins and disable All,
Restart outlook i normal mode and check, if will work OK, you can start enabling Add-Ins one by one. Every time you'll enable one, restart outlook to confirm if still working OK to hunt Add-In causing problem.
Knud FjeldstedManagerAuthor Commented:
Please do not close the question.
Do to water damage in house, computers like everything else have been packed down. I shall continue the question when reunited with my computer.
take your time, Knud

and i hope you'll have a bit of luck getting everything right again!
Knud FjeldstedManagerAuthor Commented:
Thank you Nobus
My computer is still packed away, so I write these lined just to keep the question alive.
regards, Knud
no problem for me, i'll be around
Knud FjeldstedManagerAuthor Commented:
Finally the boxes arrived. Will be testing the proposed solutions within a few days.
just to be sure, Knud, can you translate the error to english?
Knud FjeldstedManagerAuthor Commented:
Hi, Nobus
I already did that (in violet letters on the picture).
Only the last 2 lines I left untranslated.
Here they are:
Click OK to terminate the program
Click Cancel to find errors in the program [opens a debugger]
Reg. Knud
tx Knud
Knud FjeldstedManagerAuthor Commented:
Thank you all for your very fine suggestions.
It's so nice to have a lot of clever people around the world as helpers.
It turned out to be a software problem - I think. Tried most of your suggestions, and suddenly the malfunction was gone.
Thanx again!
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