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I have a web page that is utilizing as the code behind. I have a form that contains many input controls. After user clicks the submit button, the code behind reviews input and validates all fields are populated. If a validation error is detected, a hidden <div> is made visible with a list of errors for the user to correct. For some reason, all of the drop downs, text fields, etc cannot be changed or modified. Not sure why, it's like everything is frozen. However, there is a help link...when clicked, a window is opened with helper information. After user clicks to close the helper window, all of the controls are usable again. I'm thinking I need to refresh the page when an error is detected. Anyone have some guidance?
Stacey FontenotAsked:
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Anil GolamariCommented:
Have you tried using event.preventdefault() in case there is any validation error to make sure it doesn't post the form.
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