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Could anyone give me info on Jira insights asset management. I am interested to find out where Jira server should be located. I have multiple disconnected sites so I am unclear how the client connects back to the server and if I need to deploy beacon type servers to each site thanks
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David FavorFractional CTO
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If you're running your own Jira instance/server, then you'd deploy on some sort of public infrastructure with redundant backbone connections + backup generators.

https://ovh.com is my preference. They are a provisioning company, rather than a hosting company. They provide iron (bare metal servers) with no OS installation + you install an OS + admin machines. This provides great flexibility in machine setup + their infrastructure is stellar.

If your client connections break, usually due to your local ISP dropping connections, clients will simply reconnect when your ISP connection resumes packet flow. This is how TCP is designed. If your client sessions have expired (connections down for a long time), then users may require logging in again.

You'll have to clarify what you mean by if I need to deploy beacon type servers, as beacon tends to mean different things to different people in different contexts. If you're referring to a WiFi repeater, this is done at your client end of connections + has no effect on your server.

If you do setup a local Jira instance/server, be sure to connect a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) to you server. Also, I connect all my incoming network gear to a UPS also, as some net gear (routers, fiber modems, etc) can take a very long time to reboot. If your local power grid ends up in situation of brown outs or black outs or cycle downs (60Hz drops to 45Hz), you can end up with many back to back net gear reboots, which can keep you down for a very long time.

A UPS will typically fix this. Also inside your infrastructure, consider attaching a UPS to every WiFi hotspot + repeater. I do this also, so my connectivity is 100% stable 100% of the time.


The info is great but doesn't really answer my question. Maybe  I have no worded it correctly: in order for insights to work the client it gets deployed on needs to be able to communicate with a JIRA server. If the Jira server is on the same network this is fine however if the JIRA server sits in an entirely different network, be it cloud or another on premise the insight client needs to communicate. How is this done? Do you expose the JIRA instance to the web and if so can insights send detail through the externally facing URL? thanks.
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This works exactly like any other site.

If you have a site on the net, Google or Amazon or your Jira instance, a site is a site is a site.

As long as your wrap your site in SSL + have DNS return an IP for the host or domain of your site, then your clients will connect to your Jira instance, just like connecting to Google or Amazon.

So the answer is your Jira instance will be a public site, anyone from anywhere, should be able to access your Jira instance + you'll be good.

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