Hyper-V items is not listed in the Select Items Windows

I’ve been struggling for a while with the following case:
I’ve have two servers with Windows Server 2016 + Hyper-V role installed. I use WSB to backup VM’s from the Host and everything works fine, except when randomly (every month, every two weeks, etc.) the backup fails. So, I realized when that happen is because the Hyper-V items is not listed in the Select Items Windows. I can see all drive listed including the BMR, System state, EFI System Partition and Recovery Partition.  If I use wbadmin.exe, then, I got the error:

Retrieving volume information...
ERROR - The Hyper-V component 'Server Name' specified is invalid.
The specified component spec is invalid.

Short story, the only way that all came to normally is rebooting the servers but this is not the ideal solution. So, I came here looking for you helps guys.
Thank you in advance!
El TejedorAsked:
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El TejedorConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Well, I’ve decided to close this question.
Alexander ArdatovSoftware ManagerCommented:
I think this question is for the Microsoft support. Looks like WSB could not work correctly. Do you have the latest version of WSB?
El TejedorAuthor Commented:
Hello Alexander!
Thank you for your comment. And about your question, yes, I do have the last one.

Best regards,

El TejedorAuthor Commented:
I'm going to wait for the issue repeat once again to do some new test. Then, based in the outcomes I'll decide what to do next.
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