Specific use pre-paid cards

There is a new service that I stumbled upon called movo https://movo.cash/ 

It allows you to set up one time use coins called movo coins for a specific dollar amt that you specify.

I like this service and have used it more than once successfully.

Unfortunately, reloading the card is a bit of a challenge in that they only way to reload is via bank ach transfer otherwise known as direct deposit. This process takes two-three days and is ok but not ideal.

I have seen pre-paid cards at the convenience stores that allow you to reload them with cash at the checkout stand.

Do any of these have the one-time 'coin' option?

I'm looking for the best of both worlds (coins, and reload with cash).

Assistance is greatly appreciated.
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frugalmuleAuthor Commented:
It looks like Movo does accept cash reload via walgreens.  It was very easy.
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
They use a letsencrypt.org certificate so I'd not trust them with my hard earned money.. If they had an EV certificate then maybe but VISA/MasterCart and other CC providers allow the generation of virtual CC's
frugalmuleAuthor Commented:
This was the best solution
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