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Please provide me with reviews for the Microsoft Surface laptop as well as any known issues or problems that users have reported.

A user I support is interested in purchasing the latest Microsoft Surface laptop but says that he has also heard of users reporting issues.
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It has an excellent display quality, and very good battery life and high quality.
The most important weaknesses are Pricey,  Limited Ports (only one USB 3.0, no HDMI only one Mini DisplayPort) and no USB Type-C .

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Here is a nice summary of pros and cons

I looked at one very seriously and fitted out like my current ThinkPad X1 Carbon, it was more expensive.

Frankly, open it up and it is only a little smaller than my X1. I am biased toward lightweight computers instead of tablets because the ThinkPad keyboard is better and, in my opinion, the engineering is better.

Still, the surface pro is a very nice machine. Just be sure to get it as you need it for now and into the future.
I have a dozen or so Surface Pro's in service at one of my client sites, and 10 Dell Venue pro 7140 Tablets at another.  I originally recommended the Venue pro but the Surface Pro came along and is an excellent product.  They have proven to be very reliable and robust, easy to manage and support.  All are running Windows 10 and we supplied the Urban Armour Gear cases for added protection.

I am impatiently waiting for my Samsung Galaxy Tab to die to replace it with a Surface.

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