Server 2016 Storage Replication Cluster to Server

Is there a way to have a Two node S2D cluster have the cluster shared volumes replicate to single non clustered server?   I already have the hyper-v replica set up but I have some VM servers which are not HA but are on the node.  I just wanted another up to date copy of the storage.
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Cliff GaliherConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is no supported way to do this in windows. Itself at  this time. Server 2016 Data center does have a storage replication feature, but cluster-server or server-cluster topologies aren't supported. Only server-server or cluster-cluster would be.
Kissel-BAuthor Commented:
Yep that's what I saw.  Thanks.
Anton KolomyeytsevCTO, Chief Architect & Co-FounderCommented:
You can build a single node cluster with your 1-node destination and use Cluster-to-Cluster Storage Replica. That's the only way for now.
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