PUP spigot.generic google chrome

Malwarebytes has quarantined the PUP spigot.generic google chrome on my husband's computer (and a few clients) on three separate occasions. One client got a pop up requesting to not turn off her computer and to call a phone number which seems to be related.
  • Why does PUP spigot.generic google chrome keep coming back - I have run MBAM (premium), SAS, Adwcleaner and CCleaner, I didn't go further since it appeared to be a simple PUP
  • How and why do people get popups on their desktop to contact a company to "fix" their computer

On MBAM's site a suggestion (https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/154762-pupoptionalspigota-chrome-preferences/) was to run ZOEK by Smeenk, I've never heard of it.

I appreciate your assistance! I have attached the most recent report from MBAM.
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Have you tried looking for any recently installed programs on those computers, and seen anything strange? Could be embedded in a recently installed program. Try uninstalling those programs. I assume that you've looked for any strange extensions installed within Chrome on those PCs as well?
MagsOwnerAuthor Commented:
Thanks Masnrock...but no recently installed programs or strange extensions.
See  http://www.malwareremovalguides.info/spigot-pup-optional-spigot-removal-guide/  for guides to removing Spigot.

I'd run Adwcleaner first as recommended by the link and see what it finds (I note that you've got AdwCleaner installed).

From the link it appears most likely that it is a recent piece of installed software that has been doing this.  But MalwareBytes doesn't seem to be finding it which is both interesting and disturbing ...

Try SafeMode for running both AdwCleaner and MalwareBytes.  No joy then create a new profile for your wife in Chrome and see if that fixes the problem.

No joy then it'll be time to look for rootkits or what is getting loaded on startup ...

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MagsOwnerAuthor Commented:
Thanks dbrunton...ran the other scans on my cllient's and husband's computers. If any thing pops up or MBAM finds Spigot again I'll repost.

In your opinions masnrock and dbrunton - How and why do people get popups on their desktop to contact a company to "fix" their computer?
>>  How and why do people get popups on their desktop to contact a company to "fix" their computer?

Number of possibles.  Sometimes a web page gets redirected to the type of page you are describing.  Or the browser has a malware add-on installed that does the redirecting every now and again.

Many come from software installs where the malware is an extra bundled into the install package.  You install from reputable sources to avoid this; these could be the website of the software creator for example.  CNet is NOT a reputable source.

Or an email infection.  Attachements that are PDF or DOC files are good sources for malware.  Flash is another good source.

Websites such as FaceBook are also good sources especially if the user plays many of the games offered there.  Having Java installed is a nice easy access way for malware to get on the computer especially if it is required to play FaceBook games.

The safest browser is Google's Chrome.
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