WordPress site hosted on IIS - URL redirection needed - HTTPS non WWW to WWW

I have a WordPress site running on IIS.. When people access https://mywebsite.com I get a cert error because the cert wants www ...  So.. I created IIS rewrite rules to redirect so when https://mywebsite.com is accessed it's redirected to https://www.mywebsite.com , howeverm, I got it to work in IE but other browsers don't work..
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Jose Gabriel Ortega CCEO J0rt3g4 Consulting ServicesCommented:
Well it's the best way to go. You can safely remove the 'domain.com' in my comment. You can use web redirect as well but that can work or not, http redirect will always work.
Jose Gabriel Ortega CCEO J0rt3g4 Consulting ServicesCommented:
you need to have 2 sites.

*Wordpress site:
should have the bindings: https://www.mywebsite.com and in the scoped host: and https://mywebsite.com (Using https with a valid certificate).

* Dummy site just for redirection
 You'd need to create an IIS site, look in the features the "HTTP redirection" if you don't see it, it's a feature just install it.
Then do the binding into the HTTP port 80 and set the redirection to the Https//www.mywebsite.com  (you will have 2 checkboxes, 1 must be checked and second not from top to bottom).
gopher_49Author Commented:
Two websites?  Can't I just use URL rewrite rules?  I guess I can go this route..  My CA issued the cert to not include domain.com .. Silly..
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