Getting rid of malware

Something has taken over my Window 7 system that scans pages Chrome is displaying or Word is displaying and replaces key words with links to ads.  Here's an example.
malware exampleThe word "will" has been taken over here.
Does anyone know where this is coming from and how to get rid of it?

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Thomas Zucker-ScharffConnect With a Mentor Systems AnalystCommented:
I have upgraded a number of computers from 7 to 10 and never had a significant problem.  (On one laptop,  the battery driver stopped working,  but that was years ago.) Just run the update advisor sand that should tell you if there will be any problems (due to running that I knew the battery driver was going to stop working in that one laptop but decided to go ahead anyway - glad I did)
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Uninstall Chrome completely.
Scan with your own Antivirus application (I hope it is brand name).
Then scan with Malwarebytes.

Now restart and see if any pop ups occur before reinstalling Chrome.
stevaAuthor Commented:
John, Before I follow your suggestions, I ran Malwarebytes as soon as it occurred but that had no effect.

Also, this also happens with Word documents that Word is displaying, when Chrome is out of the picture.  So do you still think re-installing Chrome could have an effect?  

Finally, the only Antivirus I have on the system is Malwarebytes, but you seem to think I should also have "my own"  Antivirus application.  What would you recommend, and why isn't Malwarebytes enough?

Thank you for your help.
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Hello ThereSystem AdministratorCommented:
One of the best antivirus is Kaspersky with good virus detection. You can use a trial version just for necessary computer scan.
RaminTechnical AdvisorCommented:
Please try AdwCleaner / Malwarebytes AdwCleaner to remove any adware from your PC.

Malwarebytes AdwCleaner:
Hello ThereConnect With a Mentor System AdministratorCommented:
1. If possible, disconnect from the Internet.
2. Enter the Safe Mode and run Disc Cleanup or anything that deletes your temporary files.
3. Still in Safe Mode... run all necessary scans. Deep scans!
Some free tools: Kaspersky TDSSKiller for removing rootkits, Malwarebytes and HitmanPro for removing malware, AdwCleaner for removing adware.
4. Try to remove all 'unknown publisher' apps as well as recently downloaded files.
5. Go back in time using System Restore
6. If nothing helps, you should consider reinstalling your OS.
Good luck!
EirmanConnect With a Mentor Chief Operations ManagerCommented:
Give Hitman Pro a go (30 day trial). It does not need to be installed - just download and run.
It's a great "second opinion" tool.
JohnConnect With a Mentor Business Consultant (Owner)Commented:
but you seem to think I should also have "my own"  Antivirus application.  

I suggest you use a name brand Anti Virus application. On Windows 7, I used Symantec Endpoint Protection. On Windows 10, I now use Windows Defender.
Thomas Zucker-ScharffSystems AnalystCommented:
You might want to try the following:

1. Run Spydllremover from - get rid of anything red

2. Run roguekilker from adlice, do not reboot - get rid of anything in the default window,  unless you recognize something you use

3. Run malwarebytes antimalware with rootkit detection turned on (off by default) remove anything detected
stevaAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all the comments.  A thought occurred to me. I just bought a Lenovo laptop with Windows 10, and Windows 10 seems  perfectly fine.  Plus,  it has Windows Defender that might do a better job protecting the OS than the third party protection I have for Windows 7.  So, how hard would it be to just install Windows 10 on my Dell T3600 desktop machine, getting rid of this virus in the process?   The Dell is about  5 years old so I'm a little concerned about Windows 10 requiring some hardware it doesn't have.

Thanks for any ideas.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Go to the Microsoft download site and download Windows 10 Upgrade Advisor and run that. 5 years is a bit old for Windows 10.
Kyle SantosConnect With a Mentor Customer RelationsCommented:
The Dell is about  5 years old so I'm a little concerned about Windows 10 requiring some hardware it doesn't have.
For what its worth, I had a machine I built in 2006 that was only capable of having up to 4gb of memory (32bit).  It had Windows XP first, then upgraded to Windows 7.  When Windows 10 came out in 2015 I installed it on there and it performed better than Windows 7 had.  Windows 10 is a very good OS.  I like it better than Windows 7 and use it today on my work computer.
RaminConnect With a Mentor Technical AdvisorCommented:
So, how hard would it be to just install Windows 10 on my Dell T3600 desktop machine ?

Very easy, because Dell has released Windows 10 drivers for T3600 to work in Windows 10 environment with no problem.

stevaAuthor Commented:
Thanks to everyone for the input. There are just too many solutions, though.  I've had good luck with BleepingComputer, where someone picks up my request and runs me through a half dozen scanners and I send back the results from each before they decide what to send next.  So I'm going to try them first.

Thanks again.
Hello ThereSystem AdministratorCommented:
We are here to help you to solve this, not only post some suggestions.
stevaAuthor Commented:
We are here to HELP you to solve this, not only post some suggestions.

But it's not clear who has the time and the willingness to "own" the problem and stay with me to the end.  If someone had said "Invite me to a LIVE session and we'll get to the bottom of it" I would have done that.
Kyle SantosCustomer RelationsCommented:
Recently, Experts Exchange enabled the ability for experts to be able to assist in Live by just earning points.  In 2016 it initially was only a paid consulting system.  This new option can be found here.  Experts can go here and opt in to be paid or earn points.  (At this time there is no ability to switch once you choose an option.)


If your needs are to seek 1:1 help then definitely I recommend creating a request and that system will search for experts who are interested or already opted into Live and can schedule time to help you out.  There are paid consultants and free consultants.  Premium Members have access to those Live consultants at a discounted rate or if that expert is opted in to earn points on the conversation, then that would be at no additional cost to you.  Look for the gold Premium X next to their name to take advantage of that Premium feature.


Let me know if you have any other questions and I'm happy to assist.
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