how do i find what "query or tables " a report is using . this is on access 2003

I need  to find which tables or query make up a report so that I can then build a new report using some of the fields from the original. This may take more than one table and or query .
Kirk saintSoftware Designer(Trainee)Asked:
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Ryan ChongConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if you mean just to find out...

go open the report in design view, and then look for the properties: Record Source

Kirk saintSoftware Designer(Trainee)Author Commented:
Thanks Ryan,
I think today the brain doesn't want to work , think it switch of for Christmas already . I knew that too . feel like an idiot .

Ryan ChongCommented:
do you need further assistance here or shall we proceed to close this question?
Kirk saintSoftware Designer(Trainee)Author Commented:
close the question
Ryan ChongCommented:
as proposed
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