Optimization of Apache and PHP on Windows platform

i have 16xVCPU and 64GB RAM and windows server 2012 as platform now i wish to increase the concurrent users to 100000.what configuration is required in both Apache and PHP? Give me solution......
majji shivaNetwork/Sever AdminAsked:
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First off, 100,000 concurrent users is not as simple as having a lot of VCPU and RAM. Those things will help, but when you get into huge numbers of concurrent users, there are many more problems to overcome. One of the bigger question is:

What are the 100,000 people doing concurrently?

100,000 people all simultaneously downloading a static HTML web page without any images is much different than 100,000 people simultaneously accessing a page that performs a dozen database queries and contains lots of extra supporting images and Javascript files and other similar files.

Next, are you talking about 100,000 people simply browsing at AROUND the same time but not always 100,000 in parallel? So maybe you're dealing more with an average of 5,000 or so simultaneous hits at any given time?

Next, are you dealing with dynamic scripting languages like PHP? If so, that's going to also have a big impact on your configuration.

Traditionally, Apache has not been good at scaling up to and past 10,000 concurrent users (much less 100,000) - it's the "C10K" problem that Nginx and Lighttpd were designed to solve. Usually if you want high volumes of concurrent users on an Apache system and you want it to perform really well, you should use a load balancer with multiple nodes running Apache (it's a better model for scaling anyway).

I could be wrong, and I love Apache, but I honestly don't think you're going to be able to hit 100k concurrent with one Apache server.

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You might want to do some Google searches for high concurrency Apache.

I also bookmarked a blog article from 2013 called "The Secret to 10 Million Concurrent Connections" - there's a LOT of detail in this that makes it impossible to really sum up in a comment in here. You'll have to read the original here:

David FavorLinux/LXD/WordPress/Hosting SavantCommented:
This is very easy to do on Linux based OSes.

For example, WordPress client sites I deliver must pass 1,000,000+ requests/second for anonymous visitors, before I deploy the client site.

Very simple to handle this with Apache, without NGINX/Varnish/Squid or load balancers or database replication.

Handling 100K logged in users will is also easy, depending on what these users are doing while they're inside their session.

And gr8gonzo brings up a good point. There's big difference between anonymous users + some types of logged in users.

So answering gr8gonzo's question What are the 100,000 people doing concurrently? is the first step for tooling this type of system.

And... as I said, Windows is a closed system. Tuning is very difficult.

If a client came to me asking for me to do this project, I'd decline, unless the OS could change to Ubuntu, as I only take on projects I'm 100% sure I can complete successfully.

Answer gr8gonzo's question + likely others can assist you.
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majji shivaNetwork/Sever AdminAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your reply now i want to change my platform ...
with regards

I don't fully understand your last comment. You say you want to change your platform - is that your way of saying that you are satisfied with the comments so far and you want to close the question and create a new one on how to change the platform? It's not clear if you want any further responses...
Recommendation is to close the question and split points 50/50 between #42400538 and #42400989, since those comments seemed to impact the direction of the original question.
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