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How to allow specific program with admin privilege in domain group

    I have a windows server 2008 R2 and then i have a 2 type of groups.One group with full admin rights .Now i want another group for that domain group user only can access to specific application without asking admin privileges.other application should ask admin credentials for access.I want only one specific application should be able to access without admin privileges.
   Can you please help me how can do this in windows server.Now I created one new group and then add selected users.how to create this privileges?or else any other method for this.
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I don't take credit on this:
Basically, what you need to do is:
1) Move the Application to a folder outside "Program Files". E.g. make a folder named "User Apps" or something like this.
2) Select the app folder properties (by clicking with right mouse button on it), go to "security" tab and press "edit" to change its permissions.
3) Press "Add" and enter the name of the user you want to run the app. Press ok.
4) In "Permissions for -user name-" box, mark the checkboxes to give him full control (or just "modify") rights. Press OK and OK. Now your users application has the nessesary permisions to write to its folders.

Or you can use 3rd party software to do it, e.g. RunAsSpc.

There is a third option:
1. Create a normal Short-Cut to application.exe on the desktop.
2. Right-click the short-cut and select Properties.
3. In the Target box, insert the following before the path to application.exe: "runas /savecred /user:administrator ".
4. Double-click the new short-cut, and enter the administrator password.
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I am glad you solved the issue. Which one helped you?


RunAsSPC tool
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