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Why Trust Relationship errors occurs?
ranjith AayyappanAsked:
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Hello ThereConnect With a Mentor System AdministratorCommented:
When this happens:

A) If the Machine account password expires and it doesn't renew.
B) If you join a new machine to the domain with the same name as the affected computer while the affected computer is offline.
C) AD policy that would disable a computer after x number of days of not authenticating.
D) Computer object in AD is deleted.
E) Using an image or performing a system restore.

There are many ways how to get it.

To solve this just kick the computer off the domain and rejoin.

How to recognize that computer (from another discussion):
First, the computer starts to seem distant. It doesn't talk to the domain like it used to. The computer begins to act funny, like working late more, paying more attention to its appearance, and getting snappy when the domain asks about it. Then, one of the other computers in the domain sees the computer hanging out in a different LAN or subnet. The domain tries to reach it, but can't. Finally, the domain catches the computer in a lie. And then, the trust relationship is broken.

Also some info from Microsoft Technet why this happens:
1. The secure link between the PC and the Directory is  broken due to a  disruption in the presentation of credentials. If the PC presents the wrong password, the authentication is denied. Each Windows-based computer maintains a machine account password history containing the current and previous passwords used for the account. When two computers attempt to authenticate with each other and a change to the current password is not yet received, Windows then relies on the previous password. If the sequence of password changes exceeds two changes, the computers involved may be unable to communicate, and you may receive error messages (for example, "Access Denied" error messages when Active Directory replication occurs).

2. The client machine presents the right password, but the wrong machine account.  If the images that are being used are cloned without properly being SysPrepped, the scenario arises where two machines are presenting the same SIDs, while the passwords are out of sync.
Radhakrishnan RConnect With a Mentor Senior Technical LeadCommented:

What's the error you are getting? if the trust has broken then error occurs. Incorrect administrator credentials also makes the trust to broken.
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