Calculating % complete based on dates

I have a spreadsheet that has start and end times for certain events. I also have a column (column G) that is supposed to calculate the planned % complete based upon todays date. this column isn't working correctly.  Row 6 end date has not occurred so column G should not be showing 100% complete.

Also, in Column H I am trying to show Actual % complete with a bar showing a graphic representation of the Actual % complete.  this isn't working correctly either.

Any Help would be appreciated
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Ganesh GuruduSenior ConsultantCommented:
you are referring wrong column
You should use below formula. Check and confirm.


also attached updated Excel
clarewcAuthor Commented:
That seems to work great, Thanks

Any Idea how to deal with the Actual % Complete column?
clarewcAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help, I am thinkin gI need to use conditional formatting for the actual % Complete
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