getting high CPU usage on Win2k8r2 server

I'm getting intermittently high CPU usage on Win2k8r2 Standard server.  just a little while ago I wasn't even able to rdp in.  my main issue is that we have Symantec Backup Exec on this server and the jobs are failing or going really slow most likely due to this high CPU usage.  At times it would be at 90 - 100%.  

About this physical server:
Dell PowerEdge 6950
The C: drive is in a Raid-1 configuration and is either SAS or SATA drives.  
Dual-Core AMD Opteron Processor 8218 2.59 GHz (2 processors)
12 GB RAM, 64-bit OS
Raid controllers: two Perc 5/1 Adapters and two Perc H800 Adapters (all attached to 4 Quantum tape drives)

I'm thinking that this may be a hard drive issue.  Or it could be a driver issue with the RAID controllers.  What is the best way I can go about diagnosing the hard drives on a server?  I've already contacted Symantec and Quantum and I don't believe it is their issue. Quantum firmware and drivers are completely updated to latest version.  Any other feedback would be helpful?
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jkimzlgAuthor Commented:
turns out it was Kaspersky.  It was accidentally deployed to the backup server and scanning every single file causing it to slow down or fail.
The first step is to check which process is causing the high utilization.  You should be able to see that in Task Manager.
Tom CieslikIT EngineerCommented:
Whoever introduced AMD processor to the server should go to jail :)
I'm kidding but AMD is not a good processor for server.

My server has BE installed on DC with Hyper-V feature and 5 virtual machines and in moment of backup processor usage is not going above 45%
Backup Exec is not using a lot of processor time. I would look for process that taking that much processor time.
Check your virtual memory allocation. Maybe swapfile is too big or too small and that's using processor. Also check how much handles and threads are active in your system

Quite probably a problem caused by connecting tape drives to PERC controllers, they ought to be on SAS HBAs rather than RAID controllers. The only manufacturer that supports tape drives on RAID controllers is HPE as far as I know, and that's OK because they write the controller firmware so it's designed for that use.
jkimzlgAuthor Commented:
it was kaspersky
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