Email archiving for Exchange 2013

First off, I hate these types of questions...opinions....

I have a customer that is using Exchange 2013 and they want an Email archive solution...

I am somewhat familiar with Enterprise Vault from the perspective of migrating the data TO the system, not accessing it.

I have also herd of Barracuda Email Archiving.

So here goes....What is the "best" one that will get me the most bang for my buck in terms of use, both for moving the data into the system and for the users to access their archived data.

All good suggestions will get even points.  

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Scott CSenior EngineerAsked:
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Paul SolovyovskySenior IT AdvisorCommented:
Are you looking for archiving data and clearing space on the Exchange database or using it later for eDiscovery which is that Enterprise Vault provides
CodeTwo SoftwareSoftware DeveloperCommented:

Well, it seems that CodeTwo Backup is the thing you are looking for. The software allows you to store locally the content of users' mailboxes - it keeps all versions of every single item that can be found on your on-premises Exchange. Therefore, you always see necessary content and even if a user (intentionally or not) deleted some items you can always recover them and check when that happened.

You can restore the items to same/different folder, mailbox or environment. The content is browseable through the application and also you can quickly search the stored data. The storages can be protected with a password if there is such a need.

More information you can find here: CodeTwo Backup

And of course my colleagues from Customer Service are more than happy to help you while you test.
Scott CSenior EngineerAuthor Commented:
eDiscovery.  One of the users is having an issue finding emails from 2 years back.

They are looking for a good archiving solution for their email as they need to have a quick an easy way to search and file emails from 7 years back.  (They work with government agencies and such).

There hasn't been a complaint that I know of about space on the Exchange server.

@CodeTwo...Not looking for vendors selling their own wares.  No offence, but I'm looking for un-biased opinions.
Paul SolovyovskySenior IT AdvisorCommented:
I have installed EV in multiple environments that have used the information for eDiscovery such as binder number, chain of custody, etc..  It is a  product that's a big lift to install but does a fairly good job.  My concern is that the split with Symantec they haven't done much to improve it as they have been doing from 2006 to 2015 or so.

One options is to move to Office 365 and use MS built in options for archiving

I'm sure it's not as robust as EV but will get the job done in most cases.  There are a few other options out there like Barracuda or EMC but I haven't found them having the same functionality as EV, there are more than likely 2 more competitors taht should be able to compete in that space.

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Scott CSenior EngineerAuthor Commented:
Thanks..  During the discovery process I found out that we standardized on Barracuda.

After that it was easy to create the quote.
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