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I am building a tool for running various powershell commands on computers in our organization. I keep getting this error, and WAS getting an error about WMI; I am now able to enter-pssession on a test PC, but I can't run Get-WMIObject on it without the RPC error. I have opened ports 135, 137, 445, 5985, 5986, and 24158 through our AV firewall, and selected "Allow RPC connections" as well. I have run the enable-psremoting -force command on it, it says that it is already configured.

Any advice as to what I may be missing? I have searched the net for days now.

Matthew EilersI.T. SpecialistAsked:
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Matthew EilersI.T. SpecialistAuthor Commented:
I actually may have figured it out. I have only been using powershell for a brief time, and am new to firewall stuff as well. I had built a policy within ESET remote administrator to open ports and allow RPC through. I had also checked the "Enable Personal Firewall." I turned that off and I can now query as I was expecting. Don't know if it was a fluke, or if it will stop working again because something else is going on... but for now I can hit the computers I expect to with my tool.
MacleanSystem EngineerCommented:
I suppose you need to deploy WinRM 3.0 on all systems and enable Remote Management prior to being able to run the query everywhere.
Do note, I believe that if you deploy WinRM 3.0 on Exchange 2010 servers that there is an issue. So avoid that one if applicable.
This guess is based on assuming a lot however.
For more accurate info you would need to list more detail as to which OS this applies to etc :)

More info on WinRM 3.0 here
Paste a screenshot of the complete error message you're getting, as well as the command you're running.

Are you trying to query a remote computer with the Get-WmiObject cmdlet?  Or just once entered into the remote session via Enter-PsSession are you querying locally?
Have you tried the Get-CimInstance cmdlet instead?  What info are you querying (there may be a better way to query)?
How do you know if your security is working?

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Matthew EilersI.T. SpecialistAuthor Commented:
I am using Get-WMIobject -Class Win32_OperatingSystem -computername *computername* | Select-Object -Property BuildNumber,BuildType,Caption,CSDVersion,CSName,ServicePack*,SystemType

This is from one Windows 7 machine to another. I can Enter-Pssession and run commands locally, but I am unable to query using the powershell scripts.
Get-WmiObject uses different ports to gather remote information than PS Remoting.  For scalability (and simplification of firewall rules), I would actually recommend using PS Remoting (and then using Get-WmiObject/Get-CimInstance within the remote session).  Get-CimInstance by default will use WsMan (same as PS Remoting) to communicate with remote machines, but can also be configured to use DCOM/WMI.
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