Cisco switch and multiple vlans



In our school we have a Cisco 5508 wireless controller with 45 AP's. In the closet we have a C2960X switch.


In one room, we need to have a single access point (VLAN 2) and a projector (VLAN 30) connected to the same switch port.


I can't change the VLAN on the projector....can I setup the switchport so BOTH can access their respective VLAN's??


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Svet ChinkovCommented:

In my experience unless the AP or the projector are vlan capable and have a PC feed switchport on the back, your best bet here would be to find a small managed switch (vlan capable) and use it to split the connection.

Another option you may have is to deploy a mesh wireless network and use it as an uplink for the AP. Then you can use the swittchport to connect your projector, but I do not suggest this method as it is complicated and you also have to worry about power for the AP - assuming you are using PoE at the moment.

Here are few switch option you may want to consider:

Please let me know if you have any questions.
ejcristAuthor Commented:
Well, the AP is currently using standard AC power so that's not a problem.

I have a small switch where the AP and the projector are connected and this is connected to the switchport

I believe if I can configure the AP to use vlan 2 then I should be able to configure the switchport to vlan 30 with a trunk...then the projector will get routed to vlan 30 and the AP should route over vlan 2

I think...
Svet ChinkovCommented:
I am not sure I am following you all the way here. If the small switch you have is vlan capable you would not have to configure the access point. Instead you have to configure the switch in the following way. The first port will be your uplink to the 2960 switch and it needs to be configured as a trunk. The second port will be your AP port - it needs to be configured as a access port in vlan 2. The 3rd port will be for your projector - it will also be an access mode port and but it needs to be setup for vlan 30.

I hope I am making sense.
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Is your controller setup to use CAPWAP (tunnel all traffic back to WLC) if it is it doesn't matter what vlan the AP is in. It can be in VLAN 30 and still work correctly and hand out appropriate IPs to the clients.
Mitul PrajapatiIT SupervisorCommented:
If i understand correctly that you want to use same switchport for both of the VLANs, then, I would suggest to make that switchport as trunk port, which will carry out all the VLANs traffic.
Svet ChinkovCommented:

Buckethead34 is correct. What he proposed would be the best solution for you, however you will still need to use a small workgroup switch as I understand you have 1 available port and 2 devices to connect, however in this case the switch does not have to be vlan capable. You also may need to consider  provisioning the AP with the controller's IP or use DHCP for that.

Thank You
ejcristAuthor Commented:
I decided to use my firewall to solve my issue...since it's only for 1 room, setting a policy in the firewall to allow access to the projector was easier than configuring the switch(es).  Thanks for all your assistance.

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ejcristAuthor Commented:
Used an alternate solution other than what was originally requested out of expediency.
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