Moving Licenses from Office 365 Enterprise E3 to Office 365 Business Premium

I need to know if it is currently possible to change a user's license in an Office 365 organization from E3 to Business Premium.  I know when they first came out with what they used to call "Small Business" Office 365 licensing, that you could not migrate users from Enterprise E1, E3, etc to Office 365 Small Business Premium - I believe that it require a full migration.  I know things have changed a lot in recent years with Office 365 and with it's licensing and I believe you can now have both types of licenses in one organization, but can you change the license of an E3 user to Business Premium?
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Todd NelsonConnect With a Mentor Systems EngineerCommented:
You can have multiple license subscriptions applied to a single tenant in Office 365, and swap an E3 license for a Biz Premium license without issue.  No need for migration to a new tenant.  In fact, you can have an E3 license and a Biz Premium license assigned to the same user.
jtgerdesAuthor Commented:
Super - that's what I was thinking but just wanted confirmation - Thanks!
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