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Wamp localhost server issues

Adam asked

I have installed WAMP server to act as my local host. I felt the install worked correctly and I was able to launch php files on my local host. I was also able to go into the MyPhp Admin section on WAMP at my localhost and look at databases etc.

However, I had been trying to use the windows cmd (dos) box to see what version of mysql I had running which I couldn't do. I carried out some searches on the internet and I'm now wondering if my WAMP has only installed partially, as I seem to be missing some functionality (I think).

When I left click on the WAMP icon in my tray icon (it is green and running) I get the following menu displayed:

My Wamp Menu
However, looking online, people seem to be getting something more like this...

I have version 3.1 which is fairly new and I didn't interrupt the install. Is there something obvious I'm not getting? I do have an SQL folder when  I install wamp - located here : C:\wamp64\bin\mysql\mysql5.7.19

I wanted to create tables and databases through the command prompt, either through the windows command prompt or the mysql command prompt which I thought might be contained within WAMP. But can't seem to do either.

Any help on what's not right would be great.

Many thanks,

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I think you have it backwards.  On this machine, a left-click brings up the second menu you show above and a right-click brings up the top menu.  

You can run the MySQL command line programs... but you have to go to the C:\wamp64\bin\mysql\mysql5.7.19\bin directory to run them.  WAMP does not include them in the Windows 'PATH'.

Also, the WAMP homepage ( http://localhost/ ) shows the programs that are installed and the versions of them.
AdamTrying to learn php


Wow. That worked. I think I need to get my coat...

I was struggling with that for about 2 hours. I almost re-installed everything but thought 'just in case I'm doing something stupid'...

I'll hang my head in shame for the rest of the day. Many thanks Dave Baldwin. Much appreciated.

Best regards,

AdamTrying to learn php


Many thanks. Very quick response. Things are simple when you know the answer, but this really was a simple resolution. Much appreciated.