How to get the daily amount of data backuped on TSM.?

Hi everyone.
                        since  I need to analize some network traffic,  i want to know if there is a way to have the daily amount size of data saved by tsm and the top 5 servers with more traffic/data volume backuped.

Thanks in advance.
Santiago videlaAsked:
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David FavorLinux/LXD/WordPress/Hosting SavantCommented:
Clarify what you mean by "top 5 servers with more traffic/data volume backuped", maybe in terms of what you're trying to learn from this data.
David FavorLinux/LXD/WordPress/Hosting SavantCommented:
TSM - Tivoli... Shudder... I worked on this product years ago, when the company first started.

The best way to answer your question about daily data size, it to open a Tivoli service ticket + ask the exact location of the oid or oid list where this data is stored.

Then you can query this data. You may have to keep track of the above data each night at midnight + do your own calculations, as this will likely be faster then trying to lookup all packet data across a date range of one day, which would generate a massive amount of system thrash (CPU usage + Disk I/O), due to home brewed database used with TSM.

A much lighter weight solution is to use tshark to capture desired data + restart each hour logging to a new file.

This way you end up with 24 log files each day, which will be far smaller than Tivoli's version + much faster to access + require far less CPU/Disk resource usage.
Santiago videlaAuthor Commented:
David, i just need to know how much of data is being backuped daily and  the 5 servers with more data saved
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David FavorLinux/LXD/WordPress/Hosting SavantCommented:
Best way to do this is to open a Tivoli support ticket.

The only way to know this for sure is to actually introspect into your data, based on how Tivoli tells you do this for your TSM version.

I still don't understand what you're asking about "backuped daily and  the 5 servers with more data saved".

Maybe you're asking how much additional data will be backed up daily if you add 5 servers. If this is what you're asking, then once you answer your first question (about data size of one server), you can guess at size for adding any number of other servers... like 5 in your case.

the following will tell you about the last backup (within 24 hours) by each client:

Select entity as "node name", cast(sum(bytes/1024/1024) as decimal(8,2)) as "MB transferred", substr (cast(min(start_time) as char(29)),1,10) as "start_date", substr (cast(min(start_time) as char(29)),12,8) as "start time", substr (cast(max(end_time) as char(29)),1,10) as "end date", substr (cast(max(end_time) as char(29)),12,8) as "end time" from summary where activity='BACKUP' and start_time>=current_timestamp - 24 hours group by entity

the following will tell you how much each node has backupped into last 30 days (you can easily modify the query for a different period):

select node_name, cast(sum(bytes/1024/1024) as decimal(8,2))"MBytes saved" from summary, nodes where summary.activity in ('BACKUP','ARCHIVE') and nodes.node_name=summary.entity and summary.start_time>current_timestamp-(30)days group by node_name order by 2 desc

hope this helps

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Carlos IjalbaIT Systems DirectorCommented:
I have the following report on my Spectrum Protect v8.1.3:

SERVER1> select Entity as NODE_NAME, (CAST(FLOAT(SUM(s.bytes_protected))/1024/1024 AS DECIMAL(12,2))) AS PROTECTED_MB, (CAST(FLOAT(SUM(s.bytes_written))/1024/1024 AS DECIMAL(12,2))) AS WRITTEN_MB, (CAST(FLOAT(SUM(s.dedup_savings))/1024/1024 AS DECIMAL(12,2))) AS DEDUPSAVINGS_MB, (CAST(FLOAT(SUM(s.comp_savings))/1024/1024 AS DECIMAL(12,2))) AS COMPSAVINGS_MB, (CAST(FLOAT(SUM(s.dedup_savings))/FLOAT(SUM(s.bytes_protected))*100 AS DECIMAL(5,2))) AS DEDUP_PCT from summary s WHERE s.bytes_protected<>0 AND (activity='BACKUP' OR activity='ARCHIVE') AND s.START_TIME>=(current_date - 1 days) GROUP BY ENTITY order by COMPSAVINGS_MB DESC

And generates "Summarized node backups in the last 24 hours, sorted by Compressed Savings":

1_NEPTUNO_TDPORA	569,997.5	150,416.51	21,916.36	397,664.62	3.84
1_SCHEMBRI_TDPORA	574,946.75	173,511.3	185,813	215,622.44	32.31
2_SCHEMBRI_TDPORA	179,070.75	34,992.05	49,285.04	94,793.65	27.52
3_NEPTUNO_TDPORA	101,592.75	34,619.15	22.97	66,950.61	0.02
4_SCHEMBRI_TDPORA	66,065.75	13,373.49	21,667.42	31,024.82	32.79
5_TDPORA	82,468.25	5,684.68	48,949.59	27,833.96	59.35
6_NEPTUNO_TDPORA	65,679.5	4,405.32	36,562.75	24,711.42	55.66
7_NEPTUNO_TDPORA	22,175	7,000.17	14.68	15,160.13	0.06
8_NEPTUNO_SP	307,344.72	1,376.66	299,333.65	6,634.27	97.39
9_NEPTUNO_SP	132,572.93	1,257.54	127,722.07	3,593.06	96.34
A_SCHEMBRI_SP	17,960.15	1,036.48	14,212.84	2,710.72	79.13
B_SCHEMBRI_SP	45,358.74	1,016.35	41,762.21	2,580.1	92.07
C_SP	21,594.41	104.18	20,294.17	1,195.94	93.97
D_STATION	132,410.01	24,949.28	104,219.16	864.65	78.7
E_SP	109,454.35	226.54	108,417.63	810.04	99.05
F_NEPTUNO_SP	10,107.93	39.17	9,766.46	301.2	96.62
G_SP	3,831.52	52.28	3,499.32	279.81	91.32
SPECTRE	1,889.01	27.11	1,746.26	115.59	92.44
H_NEPTUNO_SP	1,466.32	10.62	1,410.45	45.19	96.18
I_FS	4,248.45	1,114.26	3,110.62	23.27	73.21
J_CORREO_SP	1,450,305.82	21,998.51	1,428,305.38	0	98.48

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Santiago videlaAuthor Commented:
Hi Max,
              This command is exactly what im looking for!. Thanks a lot as usual.
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