Question on screen resolution changes on a RDS server - Server 2008 Standard R2

A customer has a RDS for that 6 remote Users access all day. Occassionally, and more recently becoming fairly frequent, the Users call and state their icons look odd. I perfrom a direct Remote Control from the RDS and although my dekstop and profile are fine the remote Users have resolution and colors similar to 640x480 @ 32bit, almost like being in Safe Mode, when it is actually set to 1920x1080. The Users cannot change the resolution and when checking it shows 1920x1090, greyed out.

Me logging into the same server at the same time looks fine to me and the two networks I test from are fine. All Users with this issue are on the same physical network in a different office. If the Users drop the connection and re-log in, the issue is gone for a while, then will intermittently return. It usually appears after they minimize the connection to perform some work on their local desktop.

I thought it may be a potential issue of over heating of the RDS Server, which would show funky video issues. However, this is a VM on VMWare and the host has no issues, nor do the other VMs on this Host machine, nor are any issues seen when locally connected and logged into the RDS by me or anyone else on the RDS local network.

My questions is about the RD connection. If bandwidth drops due to overutilization or other network speed issue can the Users' sessions change resolution and color, such as dynamically based on connection speed?

Other ideas to look at for this scenario would be helpful.
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Michael MachieIT SupervisorAsked:
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Have you tried seeing if the same happens with your account from that location? Also as a random thought, have you made sure that users actually log out, rather than simply disconnect?
Michael MachieIT SupervisorAuthor Commented:
I will try my credentials from their location but can only do so via remote session to their local pc. Update on that soon.

The Users are logging out. I've remoted in and had them perform everything while i watch, and i've logged/ out impersonating them.
Michael MachieIT SupervisorAuthor Commented:

Same results. Odd..
Michael MachieIT SupervisorAuthor Commented:

This issue was directly related to a failing hard drive and the performance impact.
While no predictive failures were seen and all HDD tests to rule out a HDD issue came back clean, the drive failed yesterday without warning (yes, of course it failed on x-mas). Replacing the drive resolved all of the issues seen.

I should delete this question but figured I'd leave it on E-E in case someone else has a similar issue; perhaps this will clue them in to a possible bad drive even though no warnings or symptoms are seen.

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Michael MachieIT SupervisorAuthor Commented:
The issue was directly related to performance problems stemming from a failing hard drive.
The drive failed without warning and upon replacing it everything was looking and working fine.
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