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VMware Horizon View AV protection

jhyiesla asked
We're in the process of changing our AV protection over our whole company. We're highly virtualized in both server and desktop.  Currently we running View 6.2 with non-persistent (NP) desktops, but soon will be moving to 7.x and instant clones (IC).

We decided to abandon the agentless products using NSX because we get more protection with the agent-based ones. However, it "seems" that the ones we've selected to look at haven't quite figured out how to work with NP or IC desktops as well as they claim.

The bottom line for me is has anyone here actually used an agent-based product with NP desktops and more importantly with IC desktops where it just worked like it was supposed to work?  I really only interested in real world experience for this question.  Thanx...
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McAfee,Trend Micro and Kaspersky are what our clients use.

They have different products installed, and different configurations, between real-time scanning, and scan on file servers only.
Thanx... sorry I forgot about this question.