Object or class does not supported

I've got an Access database that I've placed onto a network drive.  For years, several of us have used the d-base in its current configuration without any problems.  Just recently, however, I modified an existing form  (added a few sub-forms, tabs, etc), and now the header combo box (used to find records) does not work on anyone's machine...except mine.  Clicking the combo box (on another machine) produces an error that reads "Object or class does not support the set of events."  After acknowledging this error message, another pop up window appears (attached).  Any ideas on what's wrong?  Thanks, Ken
Ken MilamEngineerAsked:
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David FavorLinux/LXD/WordPress/Hosting SavantCommented:
Maybe your machine is running a more recent version of software you've used to generate your form change.

So form change is recorded globally + only you can process it correctly, as other machines have slightly different levels of code.

You might go to one of these other machines (which can't access the form), then pull up the form + see if you can edit the form.

This may give you more detailed messages to fix your problem.
crystal (strive4peace) - Microsoft MVP, AccessRemote Training and ProgrammingCommented:
hi Ken,

if David's comment doesn't resolve the problem, my guess is that the macro is still ok ... problems where there shouldn't be one is an indicator that something is wrong somewhere else ...

What was added or changed?

Perhaps a control source, row source, or record source is bad?

Is there a linked table with the right path\filename for you but the wrong one for everyone else?

Is everything macros? It is harder to find problems with macros because you need to open each individually.  What other macros are there and what do they do?

is there VBA in the project as well? Maybe code needs to be compiled.

~~~~~~~~~ Compile ~~~~~~~~~
Whenever you change code, references, or switch versions or operating environment, or modify objects with code behind them, you should always compile and save before executing any code.
from the menu in a VBE (module) window: Debug, Compile [the name of your project]
(Alt-F11 to switch to the code window)
Fix any errors on the highlighted lines.
Add needed references, remove unnecessary references, resolve missing references
(from the menu: Tools, References...)

keep compiling until nothing happens (this is good!) -- then Save

also be sure, before compiling, to use Option Explicit at the very TOP of each module so variables that are not declared or are misspelled will be picked up by the compiler as well as many other errors than can be fixed before running.

~~~~~~~~~ Add Option Explicit ~~~~~~~~~

if the top of your module does not have a statement that says Option Explicit, then add this:
 Option Explicit  ' require variable declaration

Open in new window

If this was not done when the code was written, you will may need to DIM some variables -- it is best to do that anyway


before sharing a database, it is good to compile, save, close, backup, open, compact/repair, close, then make copies for distribution ... everyone has their own front-end (application), right? With linked tables to the data that is shared?

this comment, "I've got an Access database that I've placed onto a network drive." makes me wonder if the database is indeed split ...

A "split" database has one or more back-end (BE) files (databases, spreadsheets, text files, etc) with tables to share, and a front-end (FE) database with the user-interface (UI) for the application (forms, reports, queries, macros, modules) and links to the back-end tables. Each user should have their own copy of the FE.

have an awesome day,

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Ken MilamEngineerAuthor Commented:
So, I've dug into this a little more.  When I delete and then add the combo box from my machine, and test, it works fine, until.....I close the database, reopen.  At this point the combo box does not work on my machine...except.....

If I open another form that utilizes a similar combo box, that combo works fine...no issues.  However, after using the good combo, and then returning to the problematic combo, the problematic combo will all of a sudden start working fine.  

It's as if using the older combo box teaches Access how to fix the new, problematic combo box.
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Ken MilamEngineerAuthor Commented:
Well, after several compiles, all is well.  Thank you for your assistance.  

Quick follow up Q....I started my business in 2008 and used Access as a way to manage customers, products, projects, and the like.  Then, I hired a few employees and simply placed the database on the network drive.  I bought everyone computers with Access, and off we went.

You asked a few questions about structure/tables/FE, but I don't know the right vocab. to answer.  Essentially, we have one access database file that 4 users access (pun intended....I suppose).  I'm guessing that this isn't the best long term set-up, but we're a small biz that's trying to get big, so we're on a budget and our current set-up works great (more importantly, I can customizes as needed).  Long term, however, how would you recommend we prepare for scaling up to ~10 users?  Is there a MS Access based solution?
Ken MilamEngineerAuthor Commented:
Bueno, Crystal!
crystal (strive4peace) - Microsoft MVP, AccessRemote Training and ProgrammingCommented:
thanks, Ken, and you're welcome ~ happy to help
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