Sonicwall SoHo with Verizon FIOS - Order of hardware?

First timer here with a Sonicwall Soho wireless. I want to integrate it into a network where currently Verizon FIOS is providing Internet connectivity to one Server and three Windows 10 Pro workstations. Server is the only DC.

I'm almost certain the Verizon router's IP is dynamic, but will check when onsite.

I am thinking that the Sonicwall appliance should be set up physically where I run a CAT5 from the Verizon Router's LAN port to the WAN port on the Sonicwall, and then from the Sonicwall's LAN port to the switch.

Is this correct implementation? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Verizon Actiontech RouterMI424WR
Sonicwall SOhO Wireless-N
DellServer 2008 set up as DC
3 Windows 10 Workstations
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Blue Street TechLast KnightCommented:
Hi bricar1,

Exactly but you should try to put the Verizon Modem into Bridge Mode, which I will go over further down. The physical connections remain the same regardless of Bridge Mode being enabled or not. From the Verizon Modem plug into the X1 (WAN) Interface of the SonicWALL then from your switch plug into X0 (LAN) Interface of the SonicWALL. Also when you first run the SonicWALL it will guide you through the steps in the Wizard. If it is not the first time running the SonicWALL you can still get to the Wizard in the top right corner. To avoid something called "double NAT" see if you can put the Verizon Router into Bridge Mode aka Transparent Mode and disable all firewall-type settings. That way you will be able to receive a public IP address. If you can't put the Verizon Modem into Bridge Mode, your configuration will need to look something like this:

Verizon Modem/Router:
• WAN IP: ISP Assigned Public IP (static or dynamic)
• LAN IP: - this is an example of the IP being handed out to the SonicWALL via DHCP or otherwise.

• WAN IP: (static or dynamic if DHCP is configured on the modem)
• LAN IP: - this is an example of the IP being handed out to the SonicWALL via DHCP or otherwise.
• DNS: Configure the DNS settings on the SonicWALL to those supplied by the provider.
• Computers connected to the LAN of the SonicWALL via the Switch or straight through will now have the subnet.
• Connect the SonicWALL LAN interface to the LAN computers (via Switch as mentioned above).

If you can put the Router into Bridge Mode then just follow the Wizard and that will guide you through the setup.

Let me know if you have any questions! Does that make sense?

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bricar1PresidentAuthor Commented:
Yes, it does. Thank you very much much for your detailed suggestions. I'm going to do the job on Saturday and I think I'll have no problems with your suggestions. Much appreciated.
bricar1PresidentAuthor Commented:
Great, clear advice. Very much appreciated.
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Blue Street TechLast KnightCommented:
Thank you and thanks for the points... glad I could help!
bricar1PresidentAuthor Commented:
SOS - Having some difficulty.

I'm hoping you might get this and have an idea for me even though it's Saturday night. If not, I will have to pack up and come back to fight another day.

I've installed the SonicWall as you suggested, and the Server works fine. I am connected to the 10.0.0.X network and the server has Internet access. However, with the the workstations (with seemingly the same setup), the Local Area Connection icon keeps on alternating between "Connected" and Disconnected" with a regular pattern... about 1 second connected, 5 seconds disconnected, and repeating that pattern. So every time it tries to connect, it loses its connection immediately and tries again. It says "Network Cable Unplugged".

I have tested the switch, and even if I change the cabling around, the Server continues to work perfectly fine while the workstations won't maintain a connection.

Here are the Server settings:
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway: (This is the LAN address of the SonicWall)
Preferred DNS Server:

This is what works for the server, but not for the workstations.

I'm sure I'm overlooking something that should be obvious. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

bricar1PresidentAuthor Commented:
Now I’ve got one of the workstations remaining connected for one to four minutes at a time. Even though the server is solid in its connection, I’m really suspecting the switch. When I physically connect the workstation to the Sonicwall I get a solid connection. I’m going to go get a switch and see how she flies.
bricar1PresidentAuthor Commented:
It was a bad switch. Interesting that the Server connected without a problem no matter which port it was plugged into, yet the workstations all had intermittent connections. Also interesting is that there was no service call or complaint from the client about intermittent connections, so essentially it just started showing up when I arrived for the setup of the SonicWall. Looks like everything is good.
Blue Street TechLast KnightCommented:
You are probably gone but I'm here now! Let me know if you need any other assistance!

I'm glad you got it sorted and narrowed it down to the switch. It sounds like you used good deductive reasoning to isolate the variables. Good job and again I'm glad it all worked out!

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