Exchange 2013 - Shared mailbox starting to give issues - options for tweaking settings?

I currently have an Exchange 2013 mailbox that is shared by 15 staff members. I set it up to work in online mode due to the constant flow of e-mails, and for the most part it works fine (Mailbox is about 40 gigs right now). All these staff have their personal mailbox in addition to the shared one and run Office 2013 or 2016.

However, these last three staff members I added in the past few weeks have been having similar issues. Mail will appear to get stuck in the Outbox and not get sent. It also seems like they're disconnected on occasion from the shared mailbox. Closing and re-opening Outlook sometimes helps, but it's an ongoing issue.

I tried recreating the user profile but that didn't help. I don't know if there's particular settings I should look into tweaking in Exchange? The staff members that have had this mailbox for awhile don't seem to be affected which is strange as well.

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FOXConnect With a Mentor Active Directory/Exchange EngineerCommented:
Fair enough.  I want you to add the shared mailbox to outlook as another exchange account
1. In outlook File>Account Settings>Account Settings> New ..put the Shared Mailbox display Name > then email address
Do not enter the password let it will see an outlook credential prompt.  Have the user enter their own credentials and password(you will not be using the email address of the shared mailbox in this credential prompt) put a check in remember credentials.

Restart outlook and monitor performance after adding the shared mailbox to outlook in this method.
FOXActive Directory/Exchange EngineerCommented:
If you added the shared mailbox via outlook and not with automapping, uncheck download shared folders for the shared mailbox and see if that helps.

Control Panel>Mail>Email Accounts>Double click the default email account>More Settings>Advanced Tab>highlight the shared mailbox and uncheck Download shared folders.
ruhkusAuthor Commented:
I added the permissions via Exchange admin center.
ruhkusAuthor Commented:
Thanks I'll give that a try. Should I only do this on the PCs giving issue, or do you think it's something worth setting up on all of the 15 PCs ultimately?
FOXActive Directory/Exchange EngineerCommented:
Test it on the pc giving the issue first.  With shared mailboxes that receive high volume this is the preferred set up
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