IP SubNet madness! Help ...

Hi all - I have a small office network ... 1 room, 2 computers (Macs), 2 printers, and an IPhone.
All connected via Fiber Modem (Arris NVG595) & separate WiFi router (ASUS TM-AC-1900).
For the past several months, I have been pulling my hair out, with printers "sometimes" seen my the Mac, Airplay printer "sometimes" being seen by the iPhone, etc.
Fortunately, I have the issue narrowed down to this (assuming this is the cause):
When one of my Macs/Ptrs is connected to the LAN via Ethernet, it uses the internal IP of 192.168.7.xxx
When one of my Macs/Ptrs is connected to the LAN via Wireless, it uses the internal IP of 192.168.29.xxx
(FWIW I only use band 2.4GHz. I have nothing using band 5.0 GHz).
Can anyone direct me from here? Do I need to have everything on the same subnet?
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Paul MacDonaldConnect With a Mentor Director, Information SystemsCommented:
Yes, unless your subnet mask is, those two IP addresses are on separate networks.  

I'd be willing to bet both your Arris NVG595 and your ASUS TM-AC-1900 are configured as DHCP servers and are handing out IP addresses for two different networks.  Turn off DHCP on one device or the other and you should be fine (though you may still need DHCP Forwarding enabled on the device that isn't a DHCP server).
bleggeeAuthor Commented:
That took care of it!! Thanks Paul.
Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information SystemsCommented:
Happy to help.  Thank you for the points.
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