Security Issue - Intel management Engine (Intel-SA-00086)

Intel has come out with a critical update - Intel-SA-00086

How serious is this?
Is this required for users who are using wired connections or
users who are connecting wirelessly need be concerned
what is the best way to find out the type of processors in an organization and the best way to implement this.

Thank you.
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McKnifeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ok, download and extract it to \\server\share, so that
dir \\server\share should be 

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11/27/2017  10:20 AM    <DIR>          .
11/27/2017  10:20 AM    <DIR>          ..
11/24/2017  06:08 PM    <DIR>          DiscoveryTool
11/24/2017  06:08 PM    <DIR>          DiscoveryTool.AppPackage
11/24/2017  06:09 PM    <DIR>          DiscoveryTool.GUI
11/24/2017  06:09 PM    <DIR>          Documents
Then add the following lines to your domain startup script:
net use x: \\server\share
rem This will analyse the machine and create an outputfile on that share in DiscoveryTool named SA-00086-%computername%*.xml
rem Now you will need to look at the output to see if you are affected.
findstr x:\DiscoveryTool\SA-00086-%computername%*.xml /c:"errortolookfor_language_dependent" && echo>x:\%computername%.txt
net use x: /delete

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ATTENTION: "errortolookfor_language_dependent" needs to be the correct one for your language. For english: "This system is not vulnerable"
Result: \\server\share will eventually hold text files named like the affected (=vulnerable) computers.

Now for patching: you need to get the new firmware forthe intel ME of  your computer model and install it. Example: you have a setup.bat that installs it lying on \\server\share. Call it like this, again from that startup script:
if exist \\server\share\%computername%.txt do \\server\share\setup.bat

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This will of course need to be the right update for your model, so you might need to use different scripts that determine the model, first.

And please note: if during the ME update the machine gets shutdown, the firmware might not install correctly which could render the intel ME defective! The update process is very quick, less than 1 minute.

Honestly, if you don't understand Intel's documentation, best would be to just use the test tool and if if finds your system is vulnerable, just install the patch. The intel ME is a very, very complicated matter, because intel does not offer documentation for it. But yes, it is dangerous, if you are affected.

If you need to test a whole network, I can offer a script for that.
cgeorgeisaacAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your prompt reply McKnife. Would really appreciate if you could share that script.
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I will send me a reminder to my office and offer it within 12 hours. It uses the command line, so you can use is as a startup script that computers execute at boot time.
cgeorgeisaacAuthor Commented:
Sounds good.  If I may ask, do you have similar script that can push out the 2 patches released by Intel - the FW and Driver in my  network.
Yes, I have, but that will only work for certain hardware in my office and not in general. But it will give you an idea - will share as well.
cgeorgeisaacAuthor Commented:
Thank you so much.  Highly appreciated.
You are welcome. Feel free to ask for further advice.
Edit: The english string to look for is of course "This system is vulnerable". Sorry for that and please verify it.
cgeorgeisaacAuthor Commented:
Will do. Thanks once again.
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