Is a Godaddy malware alert legit?

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I received an email
GoDaddy <>
It seems legit
But, it claims it has detected malware.
"Your site has been flagged for malware"
I don't do my blog anymore, but is this a valid concern? Its isn't the blog's URL, it is my original main umbrella URL. Must I buy the 6.99/ mo clean up package? I never visit the blog or do anything with the files.
I will use my web-space from now on for teaching, mainly. I am very aware of online scams.
Will that solve this? I am somehow skeptical that villains and miscreants have suddenly cherry-picked me for assault on a main-page that has no interface with the public. But, some of my bloggers were douchebags.
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)
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Look up the properties (headers) of this email in your email application. The email may not have come from GoDaddy and is spoofed.

Do not do anything until you have checked the headers.

Post them here if you need help.
F IgorDeveloper

Have you checked if your site is flagged as malware?
You can check ponting your browser to the referenced base URL and see if you have an malware alert (google safe browsing alert)

You can check also verifying you web hosting public_html folder if there is any suspect file or sub-folder with malware pages.
and contact godaddy
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As John suggested, check the Received: headers in your email + ensure the message actually originated at GoDaddy.

And, normally if there's a real problem with your site + GoDaddy is hosting your site, you'll have a message in your GoDaddy dashboard.
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Call GoDaddy.
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