Random terminal server printer redirection failure for all users Event ID 1115


We have a client who has a 2008 Enterprise 32 bit terminal server. Randomly printer redirection will begin to fail for all users. I thought we had tied it into one particular system that may have corrupt printer drivers as I tied the first error the event log: "Unexpected internal error in TS RDP device redirection.  Contact technical support." to the same time the user logged in one morning. However, today printer redirection is working after a reboot and that same user has logged in from the same system and it did not break printer redirection. Any ideas on how to track down what is causing this? It cropped up out of nowhere.
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Michael MachieConnect With a Mentor Full-time technical multi-taskerCommented:
You will have a very difficult time identifying the cause, and 100% guarantee that when you do it will occur again for a different reason.

Printing over RDP is not stable. Please review my recommendation here:

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*EDIT* What the heck, here is a third:
clarecomputerAuthor Commented:
Hum, just had another client at a different company that has a Server 2008 non-R2 Terminal Server that started having the same issue. They don't seem to have the same Windows updates so I have no clue what is specific to Server 2008 NON R2 that caused the same printing issue last week and this week. Oh well!
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