What is the best way to manage vlans on HP 5120 switches?

Looking for best way to manage vlans on 5120 switches, especially for a remote site

What are the main things i need to look at?
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Do you have visibility from where you are into the Branch?
Do you have a jump server in the branch or are you using a CISCO router/firewall that sets up the VPN as the jump device?
are you VLANing through the VPN?
i.e. VLAN2 VLAN3 VLAN4 on the remote through the VPN trunk can access only a specific HQ VLAN?

since you are VLANing, the VPN traffic is not excluded from ACL rules (meaning you do not have a nonat rule allowing all VPN traffic access to everything on the other side)

what happens when you try to access the switch using HP IMC? are you getting errors that it can not reach the switch, .........
please clarify your question.

Best way meaning remotely?
What is the environment? Does it need VLAns?
How does a remote site connect, is there a VPN from the remote to an HQ from which the switch will be managed?
unfortunately, there is little information on which to even try to answer.
Indie101Author Commented:
Remote branch yes vlans are needed

Connected via wan link with ISP

Cisco switch there now looking to deploy vlans through HP IMC
Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
I use (SSH).
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