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Our email service is migrating to a new server and our email address will change.  We have had this email address for over 25 years.  My wife uses it for genealogy where it is imbedded in hundreds of genealogy queries and sites.  Is there a way to have the old email address auto-forwarded to a new email address on a long term basis.  Our service will only forward for a couple of months.  Is there a solution out there?
Rodger ReedyProgram ManagerAsked:
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Fred MarshallConnect With a Mentor PrincipalCommented:
I believe without the cooperation of the original provider, it's not likely at all.
Those emails have to go *somewhere* and they hold the keys to that.
Beyond that, others have suggested things that can be done when you have that cooperation.
Since it appears they offered to deal with your issue for a price, that seems the most direct way forward - and, likely, the only way forward as they will still control the addresses.
DamianConnect With a Mentor IT incCommented:
If the email address you had for 25 years comes from a domain name you own, then anything is possible.

But who is to say you can't access the old address anymore?!
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
How much would it cost to keep the old service?
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Rodger ReedyProgram ManagerAuthor Commented:
I do not own the domain.  I haven't been offered an opportunity to pay to keep the address, however they are accepting comments from users that have issues with the change.  We have registered our concern.
DamianConnect With a Mentor IT incCommented:
Will they let you configure an auto-forwarder ?! ...or at worst will they let you configure an auto-responder?! could provide your new address in the body of the message as a worst case scenario.

Most mail servers in the last 20 years would have this capability.

Both of these options will use / create space on a mail-server.  But you could ask them about the possibility of using 'mail aliases' on the new server.  Might be a trick for them to set up, but this method will more than likely mean they can retire the old server rather than just use it to run forwards.  Probably a better method, as long as,  they intend to keep the domain name on which your old email address is included on.

A Mail Alias will mean mail that is sent to the 25 year old email address will land in the inbox of the new email addresses inbox, basically.
Rodger ReedyProgram ManagerAuthor Commented:
Not able to solve this issue, but will work through as many sites as possible and register the new email address.  There remains the possibility that the provider will keep access to the email account.  Since this, if it occurs, could be a short term situation.  Need to move on to the new address.
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