Connecting Multiple Google Cloud Service Accounts?

Is it possible to connect two services from different Google Cloud Service accounts together? Specifically, this scenario:

We have two GCS accounts: Account #1 and Account #2
Account #1  has Big Query tables we data we need read/write access to
Account #2 has Google Cloud Functions

We want to connect Account #2 function to the Account #1 Big Query tables.

I was thinking potentially of trying a solution using Firebase (doesn't have to be), a point in the right direction would be great.

Jeremy LeysTechnical LeadAsked:
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Jeremy LeysTechnical LeadAuthor Commented:
Useful links:

(GCP cloud storage authentication)

(Google cloud platform authentication documentation)

(Google big query access control)

(Programmatically create service account)

(Add service account to ACL for Google bigquery)

(Grant roles to service accounts using API)
Ganesh GuruduSenior ConsultantCommented:
Yes its possible .

Authorize server-to-server interactions with service accounts

service accounts can be granted authorization to specific resources, by using similar techniques. Examples include granting an application the ability to read and write to Google Cloud Storage buckets or access particular datasets within BigQuery. Service accounts are useful for running automated processes because they are authenticated with a private key, not with a password.

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Jeremy LeysTechnical LeadAuthor Commented:
Thank you this is very helpful
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