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Hi just using IMC on a trial basis

How exactly does it help with vlan management and ACL management can anyone outline ways in which it help us support switches is it just useful in terms of deployment etc

Any good learning material available?
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Blue Street TechLast KnightCommented:
Hi Indie101,

What can it do and how can it help is easy to answer...whether it is right for you...that is a different question. How many nodes are you managing?

Basically IMC simplifies network management by delivering uniform visibility (even for legacy/static networks) of the network elements & abstracts network data clutter to present actionable information. It will give you a high level overview of your network traffic & switches and ability to control items you wouldn't be able to in a single pane of glass without this type of management. Here are a few "ways in how it can help us support switches" on a basic level:
Single-pane management
Unified control of virtual & physical environments - Management policies remain linked to virtual assets even if the physical assets are relocated.
• Singular management of wired & wireless networks - Aruba ClearPass & AirWave exclusively.
VM admin & control - View the health & state of VMs, provision VM connectivity w/policy-driven automation, migrate VMs while keeping network profiles intact.
Multivendor support - supports Cisco & others. Auto-maps the newtork equipment & allows for not only visibility but actual controls of the equipment & interoperability. This makes troubleshooting and MTTR (Mean Time to Repair) much faster.
• Management for data center networks
Compliance Center - central user-defined policy area where you can view & take action on all compliance matters.
Centralized reporting - logs SNMP traps & syslog reports, and it can generate online and historical network performance
Extended APIs - over 200
Mgmt of virtualized resources a lot easier:
      • Template-based approach for connection policy definition & automation/orchestration of VM network connectivity, which eliminates the manual provisioning process
      • VM & virtual switch resource management, including the creation of virtual switches & port groups
      • Virtual/physical topology views & status indicators for networks, workloads, & virtual switches
      • Automatic reconfiguration when virtual workloads are moved within & across the network
      • Automatic discovery of VMs & virtual switches including their relationships w/the physical network
      • Network policies remain bound to VMs during migration

I hope this helps!
Blue Street TechLast KnightCommented:
I'm glad I could help and thanks for the points!
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