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RDP Print Job Reprinting in Next RDP Session


I have an issue with RDP Remote printing…

One user was away from the office and with his laptop, used a remote desktop connection to his office computer. While logged in he printed a document from the RDP session to the remote office printer. Everything printed OK.

He has to go to a client’s office. While there he logs onto one of their local machines using remote desktop. As soon as he logged on the document he previously printed through RDP at his own office comes off the client’s printer.

Does anyone know why this is happening and more importantly, how to stop it! Any clues where to look will be appreciated.

Thanks for looking at this.
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first you should check if it is a application, printerdriver or RDP-problem.
try a simple app like notepad ...
try "universal printer driver" ...
possible the printjob has problems with the acknowledge and remains active within the session, so the job may be printed if session reconnects.
... if you reduce the "disconnected session timeout" the session can be killed before the user reconnects.



Thanks for the response.

I have marked your answer as best solution but I have some testing to do. This user never logs off properly and there was no Idle Timeout set and his sessions are forever being left open.

I have set the timeout now and will test the print driver and app if it continues.

Thanks for your time