Misconfiguration of DNS IP

Hello all ,

   I have 2 DNS server in production and one DHCP server , which will lease the IP address to the Wireless clients. Unfortunately in LAN environment some one has wrongly entered the DHCP server address as a secondary DNS server address. By any chance , does it disrupt the network?


MIcheal SAsked:
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as long as primary DNS server is alive, no impact

if primary server goes down, then name resolution / AD authentication will start failing as you have entered DHCP server IP as secondary

if this is done at DHCP scope level, you can correct it by modifying scope or if this is done on client side manually, you need to correct it manually

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MIcheal SAuthor Commented:
That's perfectly fine. I just wanted to know because of the DHCP server address assigned as DNS address , will any disrupt happen in network?
As I said earlier no impact until primary DNS server goes down / offline
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MASEE Solution Guide - Technical Dept HeadCommented:
As commented by Mahesh above it will not disrupt your connectivity.
But if your second DNS and DHCP on same server and if the secondary DNS(DHCP server) goes down you will loose connectivity when IP lease expire.
DNS DHCP servers are separate

the 2nd DNS server is not of use as DHCP server IP is used as secondary DNS
MASEE Solution Guide - Technical Dept HeadCommented:
Apologize for misunderstanding.
If that is the case it will work till the primary DNS goes down as commented by Mahesh.
Answer provided as appropriate
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