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in the table below I have done a simple forecast functionlook at what is expected from December to March based on previous months April to November giving a total of 322 ( - 53 below target of 253).  Can someone please tell me the simplest way to show separately using a formula as to what exactly would required in December to March to meet the target of 375.

Month            Period        2017-2018      
April            1                      26      
May             2                      27      
June            3                      31      
July                   4                              20      
August           5                              27      
September 6                              27      
October          7                           29      
November 8                              25      
December 9                              28
January     10                              28      
February  11                          28      
March        12                              26      
Total                                    322              Actual Target 375 (-53)
Gwynneth TaylorAsked:
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Try again......
See attached spreadsheet - see if this does it for you
Gwynneth TaylorAuthor Commented:
Hi I can't see your attachment
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Gwynneth TaylorAuthor Commented:
Thank you.  Looking at the formula and not having done this before, is the final part of your formula (=C13+ROUND(($C$15-$C$14)/3,0) the number of months left to calculate (3)
Gwynneth TaylorAuthor Commented:
Thank you again!
Yes - the formula calculates the difference between the forecast and the target ($C$15-$C$14) and divides this by 3. It then rounds the number to the nearest whole number ROUND(($C$15-$C$14)/3,0).

It then adds this to the forecast for the month (C13+) to come up with the stretch goal.
Gwynneth TaylorAuthor Commented:
Brilliant thank you very much for sharing your knowledge.
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