IMAP / IP addressing on a network

Does anyone know of a cheap and good program to use to monitor IP address on your Network?
Rick WhiteheadIT CoordinatorAsked:
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CESConnect With a Mentor Network AdministratorCommented:
Monitor in what way?  Wireshark is a free utility to monitor traffic, but can you add more detail as to what you are looking to do?
Rick WhiteheadIT CoordinatorAuthor Commented:
I want to be able to tell what and when something new is on my network!
PRTG has a free version, Spiceworks has something too; 
Free and Good are usually mutually exclusive.

Google "Free Network Monitoring Tool" and you'll see other options.
I don't know if the free ones will tell you when something gets added, that's more of network scanning. Monitoring is usually watching what you know is already there.
L0k1Network AdministratorCommented:
I suggest 2 free tools: Zabbix, Angry IP scanner
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