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I have a client who's selling tangible goods (ie: food products) online using WordPress & Woocommerce and who's based out of New Hampshire in the US, .. where there's no sales tax.  

Should I be setting up any kinds of special tax tables to ensure that customers are paying sales tax based on whatever US state they're having the merchandise shipped to? In other words, .. if someone from AZ purchases something from the NH business owner and has it shipped to them in AZ .. does the extra 8.1% sales tax apply in this situation?  Or not?

If the extra state specific sales tax DOES apply .. then what's the most efficient way for me to set that up within WooCommerce?

- Yvan
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David FavorConnect With a Mentor Linux/LXD/WordPress/Hosting SavantCommented:
This question is best posed to your Tax Preparer + will depend on many factors, including exactly how your product is manufactured.

Best ask a professional to be sure.

Locate your nearest H&R Block Executives services branch. They provide dirt cheap, high quality tax services + are current on all legalities, far better than any independent CPA or accountant.
Peter HartCommented:
well in the UK I have to set up different tax amounts for certain off shore islands such as Jersey etc..
and I think the US its the same.

how its set up is explained here:

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