ShareMem and borlndmm

I have to use unit shareMem for accessing dll-procedures with string-params. Now, when I execute the application on a computer without borlndmm.dll I get an error that this file is missing. How can I embed this (I thing with a runtime-package, but which one?)?

Delphi XE 10.1

Thanks, Peter
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Sinisa VukCommented:
There is an old EE question with a similar topic..
Which function do you need from ShareMem? Remove unit from uses...
formiAuthor Commented:
I do not use any function from ShareMem but I access a DLL with string-parameters. Meanwhile I have read that it's better to have pString-Parameters and so it is not necessery to have ShareMem in the uses-clause. Thanks
Sinisa VukCommented:
PChar is universal solution (pointer to string). But FastMM should work too, because it replaces borlandmm and is not external dll.
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