Screen Tearing / Display Issues with Office and other WPF/VisualStudio(?) apps

We've been having issues for quit some time now (probably since August or September of 2017) with a lot of different computers at different clients (We're an MSP) that are having screen tearing or other application rendering problems and it seems to mostly be programs like Microsoft Office, Impromed Infinity, FileMakerPro, and other LOB applications that "look like Office" which as far as I can tell means they were designed in VisualStudio perhaps with WPF, but I'm not a developer. Not every one of them looks like an Office ripoff, but enough that it seems like a trend to me.

The computers are of different brands running different versions of Windows (mostly 7 and 10) and they generally run different applications (with the exception of MSOffice which spans from 2010 to 2016) on different networks at different companies.

Most of these computers have some sort of intel HD display adapter, but all different models and with different driver versions. We've tried many different display drivers, chipset updates, BIOS updates, windows updates (or uninstalling ones that were supposedly related), and a whole slew of other possible fixes to no avail. We've contacted Intel and Microsoft and Intel has just ended with "get the driver from the manufacturer" which we've done. "Disable Hardware Graphics Acceleration" has been used wherever possible with little to no change and we've tried with Aero both on and off.

It's hard to post screenshots since a lot of the screenshots contain sensitive information, but I've attached what I can and redacted in RED. Any "blocks" that aren't red are a symptom of the issue. I'm sure we've all seen similar behavior, but the problem is how often it happens and how widespread this issue is. If it was just every couple weeks or months a random user saw it, then never again then it would be business as usual. But it's a daily issue for a lot of users (somewhere around 40-100 we don't have a solid count, but at least 10 different companies).
Dustin WadeSystems AnalystAsked:
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SeanSystem EngineerCommented:
Try to turn off UAC. I've ran into a lot of these odd issues and something about permissions, even if they are local admin, doesn't display or work quite right with UAC turned on.
Dustin WadeSystems AnalystAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the slow response. Been busy times.

Tried turning UAC off on a few computers and tried removing our remote tools. So far the behavior hasn't changed and they're still doing it.
Dustin SaundersDirector of OperationsCommented:
Wade- you guys ever figure out what was causing this?

Monitoring application?
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Dustin WadeSystems AnalystAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately not. It has just become more and more "random". We had a few clients that just recently told us "We didn't see this for weeks and now it's back", but nothing really changed.

We tried completely removing monitoring and security software (LT/ConnectWiseAutomate, CW Control, WRSA) on select workstations and that didn't seem to have any affect.

I've opened a ticket with Microsoft and submitted screenshots, but of course they want to remote in and try to troubleshoot...problem is you can't ever replicate the just happens randomly and never when you want it to. There's no trigger such as stress or anything else.
Dustin SaundersDirector of OperationsCommented:
And when you removed LT did it remove the Screenconnect service and all components?  In that scenario, that's what I would imagine would be a potential culprit.

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Dustin WadeSystems AnalystAuthor Commented:
I had a colleague handle it since they're the on-site tech for the client we used as a guinea pig, but not sure. I'll check with them and if they didn't already make certain that's the case we can try it again and go as scorched earth as possible.
Dustin SaundersDirector of OperationsCommented:
Since you're using Labtech, can you get auth to try installing it on your home computer over the weekend and see if you experience any screen tearing?
Dustin WadeSystems AnalystAuthor Commented:
Approval, no problem.

Willingness to put it on my

Brings up an interesting sidenote, though. My wife is already having issues with her shell acting ridiculous on the latest fall creator's version of Windows 10 so that explorer and dwm need to be restarted.
Dustin SaundersDirector of OperationsCommented:
But that's different than the screen tearing, right?

Creators update usually brings some nice new surprises...  but I've never seen the issue on anything before and unless there's some special hardware or something all your customers have in common, still just trying to focus to find the difference.
Dustin WadeSystems AnalystAuthor Commented:
This appears to have been due to Webroot despite requesting that colleagues remove Webroot and then hearing that the issue continued. They must have either not removed it fully or it reinstalled and the issues continued after that. Still isn't fixed, but we know what it is. After further testing on our own machines fully removing WRSA and keeping it off resolves 99.9% of display issues that have been going on.

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