How do I turn on bitlocker

I am trying to turn on bit locker but I get the error listed below

How do I get around this?

Joseph SalazarVice President - Senior IT ConsultantAsked:
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Chetan KhuranaConnect With a Mentor Technical ManagerCommented:
Hi Joseph,

TPM is needed for BitLocker’s full-disk encryption to work. Normally this Trusted Platform Module is a physical chip which resides on your computer’s motherboard. It is this chip which does the work of generating and storing the actual encryption keys.

So the decryption becomes abstracted enough to allow you to login using your Windows login password (and nothing else).

If this h/w module isn't available it can be bypassed via a Group Policy update. But you need to be on a standalone PC (which is not administered over by a domain) else you can’t make this change locally but need your network administrator to do the same.

If your system is not on a domain, follow the steps listed here

Else, reach out to your admin to help make these changes.

Let me know if that helps!

EirmanChief Operations ManagerCommented:
If you have no luck with bitlocker, try an alternative encryption system.

Veracrypt is opensource and free (it is the de facto successor to Truecrypt)

If you want a commercial solution that is not too expersive, try Bestcrypt.
You can be sure there is no 'back-door' as the code open source and beyond the reach of N S A.
I've used it for 15 years and strongly recommend it.
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