Powershell & regex, select value in html


I have a added a class tag in a site, specifically to be able to catch it via regex.
This is the html tag which I'm trying to catch

Table class="AntivirusKPI" border=2 cellpadding=4 cellspacing=3>                  
    <TR align=center>
    <TD><B>Latest Engineversion</B></TD>
    <TD><B>Percentage compliant</B></TD>
      <TR><TD align=center>1.1.14405.2</TD><TD class="AvengineVersionCompliancy" bgcolor=lightgreen align=center>99% </TD></TR>

When I try to get it, I do not get any result with regex.

        $URl = 'http://mysite'
        $pattern='<table .*class=\s*"AntivirusKPI"[^>]*>(?:.|\n)+?</table>'
        $webclient = New-Object System.Net.WebClient
        $html = $webclient.DownloadString($url)
        $Regex = [Regex]::Matches($html, $pattern)

Note that I also would like to catch tags with <td class=... <tr class= ... etc.

Please advise.
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In your example, you're not getting a match because of case-sensitivity.  Using [regex]::Matches is case-sensitive by default.  You need to use a mode modifier to change that.
$pattern = '(?i)<table .*class=\s*"AntivirusKPI"[^>]*>(?:.|\n)+?</table>'

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Sorry, but it's not clear to me what other matches you want and output.  For that, it's best to provide a few input samples and the expected output for each.
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