Orion Solar Winds - Daily Error Reporting.

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I need to produce daily summary reports of all errors happening on Domain Controllers - security and replication.
Occurrence number, the times of the first and last encounters.
Does Orion have such capability?
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You may need to use its Windows Event Log Monitor (under its Server & Application Monitor (SAM)) and scan for specific EventID.
To monitor Windows events:

Assign the Errors in Application Event Log template to the target node Windows events by navigating to settings -> all settings -> SAM settings -> manage templates -> checkbox next to the template -> assign to node
Configure the Windows Event Log Monitor component monitor in the template as needed for the events you want to monitor. You can configure:

Log to Monitor
Match Definition
Event ID
Event Type (Error, Warning, Information, etc.)
Specify If a match is found during a polling period, whether the component is up or down.
Set the thresholds as needed.
The link here.
A snapshot of the dashboard here.  Example of replication errors
  1. 1311 — NTDS KCC
  2. 1388 — Replication
  3. 1925 — NTDS KCC
  4. 1988 — NTDS Replication
  5. 2042, 2087, 2088  — NTDS Replication
  6. 5805 — Net Logon
As for the security events, likewise, need that list of event id too. Here is a list for Windows 7 & 2008. Suggest these security event ids be monitored instead as they are Signs of Compromise for Active Directory. With the monitor in place by SAM, then the reports from SAM can be generated - look under Server & Application Monitor Administrator Guide
  • : Alerting and Reporting
  • : Creating and Viewing Reports
  • : Viewing SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor Reports


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