get-telnet command not found under powershell

hello experts
while i am trying to using get-telnet command via powershell, but looks like there is not such command by default, does it necessary to import some module like activedirectory or other steps to make it out?

thank you
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Frankly, that is a very different question than your original one.
You can try the script I already linked to.  Everything after line 117 are just examples, so you shouldn't actually run them.  Here's my suggestion:
 - delete everything after line 117, save the rest as a file "telnet.ps1"
 - in a PS console, change to the folder where you saved the telnet.ps1 file, and run
. .\telnet.ps1

Open in new window

(that command will run the script and create the Get-Telnet function so that you can run it)
 - now looking at the examples, run the Get-Telnet function and submit the commands needed to change the WiFi password.  I have no idea what those commands would be since I don't know your device.  You may have to experiment a bit.

If you need further help with that project, you really should ask a new question since it's so different than your original one.
Get-Telnet is not a default cmdlet or included in any Microsoft modules.
There could be many Get-Telnet functions or scripts written by people on the internet, but this is the first one I found in a search -

In the posted script, the Get-Telnet function is defined, and you would have to run that code to create the function.  Then you could call it like in the examples at the end.
David FavorLinux/LXD/WordPress/Hosting SavantCommented:
The get-telnet appears to be some custom script from somewhere.

Not Microsoft. Not Linux. Not OSX.

You'll have to locate this script somewhere + make a local copy + get it working locally for your specific runtime environment.
beardog1113Author Commented:
actually i just need a powershell script,put into windows schedule task, so that it could telnet network device such as wireless AP, to change WIFI network password daily, is there any other easy way to do this? for i am new for powershell script and need more detail help.
thank you
beardog1113Author Commented:
thanks, your post really helpful and i have done build my script base on the example.
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