Outlook 2016 - Office 365 & Public Folders hanging

Hello to all,
I'm a new sysadmin in a company that uses O365 w/ exchange online, just to inform you i'm a medium-skilled guy IT,
They're using a lot the Public folders, and we are having an issue.
On the first launch of outlook, when expanding pubfolders for 1st time, outlook hangs until sync is done - for around 2-3 minutes, and its really annoying for everyone,
I've disabled the add-ins, with no result. Updated to latest version, with no result, run outlook in safe mode with no results, run outlook with /cleanviews with no result!
Any other recommendations would be perfect!
Dear SirAsked:
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Vasil Michev (MVP)Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Where are the PFs created, in O365? If so, it's normal to have some delay compared to on-premises solutions. One way to handle this is to make sure you are using Outlook in Cached mode, with the "download PF favorites" option configured, and to add all PFs you access regularly to the Favorites. It will not help a lot when you browse the whole PF tree however, especially when it's larger in size. For this, perhaps try and use OWA instead, the "Public folder picker" dialog there can be used to simply navigate the tree, although accessing the actual content is certainly not as easy in OWA.
Dear SirAuthor Commented:
Hello Michev and thanks for your time to reply,
PFs are in O365, and Outlook is set up already in "cached exchange mode"  
OWA is not even a choice here, as the web-app is not convenient for my users.
In that case, patience is the key? There is no other option for PFs to, lets say download all locally, for faster browsing?

Vasil Michev (MVP)Commented:
That's essentially what the "download PF favorites" options does, caches (some of) the PF locally for faster access.
Dear SirAuthor Commented:
So, it must be the PF general size.
Thank you Vasil :)
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