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I call an insurance company and there is no "press 1 for english" today but there was yesterday.
And there is a long hold which wasnt there yesterday.

Todays phone call (I tried on 2 phones) goes straight to hold music.

If I dont press 1 for english, how does company know I want to speak in english?
Are buttons set up by company just for "future reasons" and the same operator always picks up?
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What these experiences are teaching you is that the company you're calling is probably having some problems with its phone system!

Phone systems of any type are programmed according to the needs of the organisation using them, and if errors are made in the configuration then there will be unexpected results. If it's a bona fide organisation then it will be very keen to sort out the issues very quickly so that it doesn't appear to be inept, and so that it can be contacted (in this case) by its customers.  It's possible, of course, that the insurance company is using a third-party (excuse the pun) provider which is itself experiencing technical issues.
To expand a little on what was stated above;

Long silence / Straight to hold music - Usually means that the AA (Automated Attendant) is either overloaded (Too many calls for available ports) and your call has likely been routed to a hold queue "OR" the system is experiencing technical difficulties

The silence could be normal depending on where you were placed and/or how the system is configured "OR" the BGM (Background Music device/service) and/or phone system is (again) experiencing technical difficulties

Not pressing option and getting English Operator - This would be (to me) normal.. We program the systems we install to go straight to operator if no option is selected within a certain period of time. The last thing you want to do is tie up Attendant ports needlessly


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rgb192Author Commented:
Thanks both.
Best answer wrote about attendant port
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